How to Find the Best Wedding Videographer in Singapore

Are you planning your wedding in Singapore? This article will act as your guide on how to find the best wedding cinematographer in Singapore.

We cannot deny that the wedding day is one of the greatest days in a person’s life. That day, one might be overwhelmed by the joy of being wedded to an extent of not noticing how the day’s activities unfold. Due to that reason, most people make sure that they capture memories of the spirit and magic of this big day in the form of videos.

The quality of the memories is determined by the quality of the videos, be it freelance or real professionals. Here are some easy ways to gauge the standards of the videographer you are hiring:

If you are in need of the best quality, here are some tips and ideas that will let you in to the know hows of getting a good videographer: Wedding Videograhy SG

Why Should You Hire a Videographer in Singapore?

Videographers are fully at pace with the continuing advancement in digital technology, whose result is great videos with better picture quality. There is no more use of outdated technology such as those analog VHS cameras of the 20th Century. The use of the small, discreet digital video cameras has made the job of these professionals quite easy. No wonder they are popularly known as “point-and-shoot” videographers. Moreover, modern videos are being mastered in DVD format to ensure long shelf life. A video in this format has a shelf life of over 100 years without losing its picture quality.

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Check Out the Videographer’s Website

Now that you have the names, or you’ve searched online for videographers in Singapore, how do you distinguish them? The first test to perform is to find out whether the person in question owns a professional website or not. If they have, browse through their site for any helpful information about the videographer in question. Their website is where you may be able to view sample reels and/or their customer feedback and reviews. Videographers who don’t have a website, or have one that is poorly designed, cannot be the type you’re looking for.

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How to choose wedding favours

Brides and grooms are catching up with the western world when it comes to choosing wedding favours in other parts of the world. Wedding favours give you the chance to let your guests know that you appreciate their presence in your life. After all, they will be taking the time off other things to attend your special day. They do not have to do that.

Also, there is a big meaning behind this wedding gift giving.

Homemade favours

Homemade wedding favors allow you to use your skills and talents to show your appreciation to your guests. If money is tight, and you have plenty of time on your hands, you should consider this option. Etsy is a good place for that.

If you choose to go for the homemade wedding favours option, you should consider doing the things that you are good at. For example, if you love baking, you should make cookies or muffins that your wedding guests will carry home with them. They may not be able to keep the baked goodies forever, but they will remember the pleasure they derived from those goodies.

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Store-bought favours

Store bought favours are usually more popular among Singapore brides and grooms. This route is a good option if you do not want to spend a lot of time and energy to make something. You should also consider this option; if you lack the skills necessary to create something from scratch.

You can come up with more customized wedding favours by commissioning a wedding favours supplier to get you something in advance. Just make sure that you have a flexible budget to cover this aspect of your wedding.


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